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Commercial Manager (For Construction Chemicals)










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 Works in close relation with the Resident Manager to develop and implement up-to-date sales procedures, forecast, and sales programs aimed at achieving improvement of sales performance and profit objectives.  Organizes and manages the various sections of the Sales Department to obtain optimum use of all resources available to the business unit.  Liaisons with Factory Manager and Research and Development Manager on issues related to customer needs and customer satisfaction based on market feedback received on the company’s product.  Coordinates between the sales team and other departments to achieve company objectives and ensures effective communication.  Monitors the daily sales transactions and assists sales team regularly.  Monitors the monthly sales and account receivables to ensure keeping the sales department on track providing assistance and guidance to the sales team for achieving sales and collection targets.  Leads all commercial meetings, regular sales meeting, and sales seminars.  Participates in the company’s Strategic Meetings being an essential active member of the Strategic team.  Assists the Resident Manager in preparing the yearly business plan in relation to sales department; sales and gross margin.  Maintains a comprehensive understanding of the company's products and services and ensures that technical information, data sheets and other literature concerning company products are provided to the sales team for them to be able to provide up-to-date technical assistance and / or for dissemination to customers.  Approves all tenders and price quotations to customers for supply of relevant company products as prepared and recommended by sales engineers and representatives and according to previously set price guidelines.  Assists and coaches the sales team to improve performance in the preparation of sales proposals and presentations.  Assists management in determining the products range, selling prices and applicable discounts within the relevant set strategies.  Coordinates with the Marketing Manager advertising and promotional activities that contribute to a better image of the company.  Assesses market potential of new or existing markets through conducting market surveys and studies that could lead to the development of new products.  Sets sales department budget and approves all departmental expenses before payment according to the set budgets and objectives.  Supports sales team in sales calls when needed and in negotiations with major customers for key projects or contracts related to selling company products.  Evaluates periodically sales results with the sales team and takes necessary measures to ensure achieving set targets.  Reports to the Resident Manager on sales activities and results in a timely and regular manner generating professional and quality reports that matches the business standards.  Provides timely feedback to Resident Manager on the department’s performance and all necessary information that enhances the sales strategy and policy including: sales report, performance of competitors, new projects in preparation, general evolution of the market, relation with subcontractors, consultants or customers.  Assumes responsibility for the human resources of the sales department providing moral support and motivation keeping accountability measures for performance and achievements.

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