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Beit Mery

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Event Director - Commercial Events


Government sector








USD 5500$


Business Development • Conceptualize new events to launch and continuously develop a commercial portfolio • Compose reports making detailed business cases for future action • Develop relationships with strategic partners through market research and networking • Forecast growth for future years in line with company business plan and market knowledge • Promote a strategic understanding of company positioning within Qatar, the region and globally • Collaborate with other divisional Directors and Managing Directors to promote sustainable growth through delivering strong strategies, top-quality products and tangible results • Identify, where possible, businesses for acquisition or joint venture partnership • Prepare proposals in response to RFPs • Accountable for continued development of role as industry figurehead within company Strategy • Accountable for all research and business development for department annual portfolio of events • Identify and set business model for each individual event as a response to market and expected revenue sources following research • Consult with Managing Director to set divisional objectives and maximise the potential of the products and teams in line with the Company and Board’s overall strategy • Responsible for acquiring, building and developing company-owned databases for relevant industry sectors • Continuous monitoring, measuring and analysing of sales and marketing plans to provide direction for both immediate and future improvement and refinement, to raise ROI • Plan and monitor event related activities, liaising with all the appropriate internal and external parties • Maintain continued knowledge of all relevant industry sectors within division through market intelligence • Identify strengths and weaknesses of competitor events through competitive intelligence • Recommend and set department staff structures and deliverables • Present pre-event proposals and post-event reports to Management and Board • Manage expectations of Board and Management through demonstration of understanding of product profitability and market trends for growth • Develop strategies for reaching annual forecast financial target for both company and department • Incorporate new business acquisitions into company and department structure where required • Assist with implementation of company systems and procedures Budgets • Develop, implement and achieve an annual financial plan for division • Calculate, forecast and present P&L proposals per event and across annual portfolio • Develop and monitor projects and event budgets within financial perimeters set as forecast • Travel & entertainment budget management for department • Business development budget management for department • Structure of pricing strategies across all available revenue sources • Set and sign-off, to discretion, of divisional commission targets for staff under forecast Management • Determine appropriate resources within the division to recruit and retain staff • Set objectives, targets and timelines for team • Effectively communicate business direction to team members • Set high standards of performance and manage though providing constructive feedback, support and advice to team • Provide team individuals with growth opportunities through structured career development plans • Develop & maintain team’s knowledge and understanding of market trends and strategies • Provide reports and progress updates to team • Foster team collaboration • Assist in identifying company wide training needs Operations Logistics • Manage cross-department operations and logistics to ensure smooth running of the portfolio of events • Develop then oversee relationships with venues for events • Oversee budgets and contracts for events with venues • Develop then oversee relationships with suppliers • Oversee budgets, timelines and contracts for event suppliers • Direct the management of entire on-site operational team and contractors • Oversee and advise on management of logistical timelines to coordinate department logistics and suppliers Marketing • Successfully identify target market and USPs for events for implementation by Marketing team and Conference Producers • Develop strategies for building and acquiring databases for successful growth of department target market • Work with Marketing stream to develop strategic alliances for targeted promotion of events • Articulate the impact of marketing on sales ability • Co-develop the marketing strategy for the planned cycle of events on an annual basis with the Marketing Manager • Work with Marketing Manager to set budgets and strategy across the marketing mix • Suggest strategies that will maintain the quality and competitive position of the events • Identify new target markets to enable growth across sectors • Work with Corporate Marketing on setting and adhering to company messaging and branding across products promoted • Set-up meetings with industry leaders and strategic partners for the purposes of introducing and positioning the brand for company PR and individual department recognition • Oversee management of PR for individual events and department • Oversee management of delegate registration process including setting communications procedures, invoicing and credit control procedures and accurate recording of information for database building and on-site administration • Oversee audience development for event profile and sponsor fulfilment purposes • Structure and implement joint venture and association partner proposals and contracts • Oversee event brochures and website for marketing purposes Sponsorship/sales • Engender a strong sales culture with a sales team who have clear objectives, agreed standards and the capability to achieve these • Set revenue targets for sales following projection of possible achievements and analysis of revenue streams • Structure and implement sponsorship proposals and contracts • Assist in identifying list of target market for each event and the business unit as a whole • Ensure the administration of every deal is adhered to • Attend meetings with prospective sponsors and ensure contracts are signed Conference Programme Production • Identify and develop topic generation across a portfolio of events through research • Set-up, conduct and lead meetings with industry leaders and strategic partners for research • Secure keynote speaker relationships through industry knowledge • Facilitate meetings with industry and internal representatives where relevant • Coach, mentor and manage Conference Producers effectively through the production process • Oversee all speaker confirmations by Conference Producers then all speaker management by Conference Coordinators including overseeing of speaker invitation strategy and correspondence; travel and expenses approval for speakers, related logistics & ongoing speaker relationship management • Ensure Production timeline is adhered to

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