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Main Purpose: To assist in the development and implementation of best practice sourcing methods, policies and processes across the Group and its Strategic Business Units To ensure that the right products and services are procured to time, cost and quality standards. Establish constructive and long term relationships with suppliers to negotiate best value for the acquisition of the Group's common products and services, and manage the centralised sourcing activities. Responsibilities: Strategy, Planning and Policy Assist in developing the Groupís strategic sourcing strategy in consultation with the Vice President Supply Chain and with the Strategic Business Units to support the Groupís overall business strategy & objectives and to provide the Group with competitive advantage in the areas of material supplies and services. Develop sourcing management policies and procedures in consultation with the Vice President Supply Chain, linked into the financial payment procedures, to ensure adequate control of expenditures from purchase through to payment, with appropriate built in controls and authorisation levels throughout the Strategic Business Units. Develop the departmental annual budget and plan in line with the Groupís strategic sourcing strategy and in consultation with the Vice President Supply Chain. Operations Conduct periodic vendor evaluation to select partners and suppliers and establish and maintain an approved and qualified list of suppliers. Determine appropriate contractual instruments for various types of centralised procurement (service contracts, long term contracts, bulk order contracts, etc) based on the assessment of the sourcing need and negotiate, award and sign purchase agreements and contracts with external suppliers. Develop the annual procurement plan based on the needs of Holdco and the centralised needs of Strategic Business Units, in consultation with the Vice President Supply Chain and Manager Logistics and Distribution. Procure services and goods and maintain records of all purchased items. For centralised purchases and services, develop or direct the development of bids/tenders, Request for Quotations (RFQs) and Request for Proposals (RFPs), ensuring all applicable legal and contractual provisions are included to safeguard the Groupís interests; assist Strategic Business Units and departments to ensure purchase requirements are clear and understood. For centralised purchases and services, provide pre-bid briefings and direct evaluations and award of bids, price/cost analyses and negotiate contract provisions or assist tender committee in evaluation, selection and negotiation of supplier. Participate in the central tendering committee, as a permanent member, to evaluate bids, select vendors and conduct negotiations with tenders. Ensure that the purchase orders and related documents for centralised purchases are completed accurately and in compliance with procedures and requirements. Review and approve vendor and freight invoices for centralised payment and resolve disputed invoices with departments and vendors. Identify, develop and manage relationships and strategic alliances with internal users, potential vendors and external suppliers to ensure quality and commitment and to realize potential synergies to ensure efficient and effective supply chain strategy and activities. Provide technical support, information and assistance to departments/Strategic Business Units on purchasing issues and development of applicable standards and specifications. Review requisitions requiring approval and resolve disputes in case the requisitioning department/ Strategic Business Units is over budget, or requires deviation from policy and procedures. Develop, analyze and monitor the Strategic Business Units and supplier performance quality measures, monitor compliance with policies and procedures and contractual terms and conditions, and advises remedial actions as required. Perform spend analysis at Group level (Holding and Strategic Business Units) and look for opportunities for aggregation of procurement requests, evaluate and propose new procurement programs and processes that will improve cost, quality and customer responsiveness. People Management Manage and monitor subordinates in all aspects including time management, quality of work, etc. so that sourcing functions are carried out effectively and efficiently. Monitor the performance of staff on an on-going basis, conduct performance reviews of agreed goals and competencies and ensure that all staff are working towards an individual development plan. Identify the training and developmental priorities of the department in consultation with the Vice President Supply Chain and ensure that staff are adequately skilled to meet future requirements. Coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance and ensure they keep abreast of technical developments, relevant regulations and industry best practice. Internal Cross Working Relations (Departmental): All departments at Holdco and across Strategic Business Units. External Working Relations: Governmental and External Bodies Vendors Contractors Job Requirements: Education: Bachelorís degree in Business administration, or Logistics and distribution or equivalent Relevant Experience: 6 Ė 8 years of relevant work experience in supply chain management, at least 3 of which in a similar role in a diversified Group in a similar industry Skills Requirements: People management skills Planning, organising and prioritising skills Analytical skills Knowledge of best practices in supply chain Understanding of vendor management and its applicability in business scenario Knowledge of software applications in the area of logistics and distribution and ERP system Knowledge of procurement principles, procedures, standards and best practice Knowledge of supplier management and tender and bid management

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